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Our Purpose

We strive to humbly serve you and our community using specific scientific adjustments to remove subluxation and interference from the nervous system, allowing children to reach their full potential and all people to achieve richly active and purposeful lives.

“Health is not merely the absence of symptoms or disease, it is the optimal functioning of the human mind and body to its greatest capacity “

God Bless,

Dr. Dan

Clyde Valley Chiropractic, your local Chiropractor and Source for Health in Lanark, the Clyde Valley, and Lanarkshire.

Dr. Dan De Luca has been providing Chiropractic healthcare for over 20 years.  He was trained in Canada as a Biochemist before attending the prestigious New York Chiropractic College in the United States where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1997.  He has an extensive background and interest in Structural Spinal Correction of Vertebral Subluxation and has trained in many different techniques including Diversified, Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), Nimmo Trigger Point Therapy, Activator, and Gonstead Technique.   Nutrition is a very important aspect of health and Dr. Dan is a very keen and passionate advocate for a proper diet based on foods that reduce inflammation and promote healing.  Together with his wife Sherri, they are dedicated to helping the people of Lanark, Lanarkshire, and the Clyde Valley not merely reduce symptoms of pain, but elevate their health status to the best they can be!

A personal message from Dr Dan:

Once you have spoken to several Chiropractors, you will find a theme in their stories of how they came to be Chiropractors, and it usually begins with what they describe as their own personal miracle or enlightenment.

I began my training in Chiropractic in 1993, two years after experiencing my own Chiropractic miracle.  I was completing my degree in Biochemistry at the time, and had fallen 6 feet onto concrete at my part-time job, landing on my backside.  I tried several things over the course of the next three months including the emergency room first and foremost as I could not walk immediately after the incident.  I thought I had broken my pelvis!  Luckily x-rays showed this wasn’t the case, but three months on I still could not straighten out of my 90 degree bend at the waist and I had nerve pain down both legs.  I was walking around looking straight down at the floor this whole time.  I had been to the family doctor, massage, and several weeks of physiotherapy, all to no avail.  In fact, I was getting worse and losing hope, and nobody had any answers.

Then, a friend of mine suggested I see his Chiropractor.  The family doctor really didn’t know what else to do with me at that point, so I said yes.  Once again I had x-rays taken, but these were done standing, and the picture was quite different to the ones from the hospital done laying down.  He showed me what he could not only see on the x-ray, but also feel in my spine.  One of the large pelvic bones had been forced backwards out of place.  Looking back now I can say it was an extremely bad Subluxation.  He adjusted me and for the first time in 3 months I could stand up nearly fully erect.  I was an instant convert to Chiropractic!  He knew things that neither the family doctor, the A+E doctors, nor the physiotherapist knew.   I put aside any medical ambitions and immersed myself fully into Chiropractic instead.  Obviously the injury took some months to fully heal, especially the damage to my nerves and discs, but I was able to stand up from the very first session and finally get to sleep for the first time in months.  For me, Chiropractic was truly a God-send.

Now, after serving over 20 years as a Chiropractor, I can say I have been truly blessed with all the amazing stories of healing I have witnessed in my own office, and I want you to experience your own Chiropractic miracle as well.

Our family has made Scotland our permanent home now, having lived here 13 years, and we hope to make you a part of our own family here at Clyde Valley Chiropractic, located on the most appropriately named street, Hope Street!

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