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The Drip Effect

It is an amazing thing to watch the changes that people undergo as they attend corrective care here at Clyde Valley Chiropractic.   I write this because I have experienced both versions of chiropractic care over my 20 year career.

There are essentially two forms of chiropractic care.  Patch, or symptom based care, which some chiropractors offer, and corrective/vitality based care which is what we offer here.   Now I have had both types of practices in my career.  I started off with corrective care and continued this for the first five years of practice.  I then migrated towards patch, or symptom based care for the next 13 years.  It was a mistake on reflection.  Let me explain.  I can say without reservation that both my patients and I are happier and see better results from corrective/vitality based care.   The reasons are simple, it’s all down to the drip effect.

A drip is consistent, it never stops, and over time it can move mountains.  The body loves consistency, and the body makes more permanent changes over time when those changes are slow and steady.   Also, progress is made with a set goal for a specific type of change in corrective care.  It’s not a vague thing like “getting out of pain”.  Pain, you see, is only a late warning that something has been wrong for awhile already.  It is the last thing to show in a disease process.  It is also the first thing to go away when treatment is started, long before the problem that produced it has been dealt with.  Usually pain is not directly caused by the problem, but is a side effect of the problem, like swelling tissues and inflammation around a subluxated joint.  The swelling and inflammation isn’t the problem, but that is where the pain comes from. The subluxation is the problem, but as soon as the swelling and inflammation go down people think “they are all better now”.  The problem hasn’t been fixed however, just the side effects.

Now if you look at patch care it tends to be a short course of ten to twenty sessions or thereabouts, and then the patient goes away out of pain, not having fixed anything.  Then sometime in the future, they return with the same problem only this time worse.  Nothing changes with these patients and they continue down the path of degeneration, decay and illness.  Those short stints of care don’t take hold in the body, the body doesn’t learn and therefore doesn’t change.  There is no “specific” drip effect, only an occasional scattered drizzle with no direction or consistency.  It’s like going to the gym once every four months for two weeks straight with no training in between, versus going every second day continually for a year.  Which person will end up healthier in the end?  Who will show changes at the end of 12 months?  So why should anyone expect changes when they only do sporadic chiropractic care?  This is what happens in patch care, repeating issues, and nobody is happy in the end.

When someone asks why you attend the Chiropractor clinic regularly, the answer is simple, it’s the drip effect!  Give them this Good News letter if you can’t explain it!

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